About me - Karen Smith Photography

Warning - I may make you cry!

I apologise in advance if I do, but weirdly it makes me rather happy if I can, because it means that my image of your beloved pet has struck a chord, evoked a memory, or just touched at those heart strings!  Capturing the essence of your pet is what I strive to do, always.

Those eyes staring up at you above belong to our late dog Henry, my “heart dog”, who I shared my voyage into pet photography with until he passed away in 2017. He was the most sweet natured, loyal, loving, playful boy, and I’m so grateful to have some wonderful images of him to remember him by.

So that’s what I want for you too.

I specialise in creating natural, authentic images of your much-loved pet in beautiful local outdoor locations in the Northamptonshire area, surrounding counties, and beyond.

My aim is to capture your pet's personality, and the incredible bond that you have with them, creating something that you will treasure forever, whether that is a stylish piece of wall art, an elegant gallery of framed prints, or a fabulous memory book.

Developing my skills and exploring creativity is important to me, and I have been lucky to have attended workshops with incredibly talented, award winning dog photographers including Andy Biggar, Elke Vogelsang, Claudio Piccoli, Monica van der Maden (MoNoa Photography), Alicia Zymslowska, Alice Loder and Linda Johnstone.  In 2018 I am looking forward to workshops with Andreas Romjin and others.

I am a Member of the Professional Guild of Photographers.


"Ruler of all he surveys"


Rugby playing muse with the most expressive eyes

All-round top dog



(Umwinslidale Alfie)

"Wise" (ok we got that one a bit wrong!!!)

Black labrador

Football crazy, pogo-ing pup who lived life in the fast lane!

2009 - 2016

and Reggie...

"Powerful ruler"


Amateur scent detective and swimmer,

professional ball chaser, snuggler and Instagrammer.

Happiest Dog in The World.

Born 6th December 2017.

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