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Sniffing out success!

Having a high energy pup means you are seriously kept on your toes!  A couple of months ago I started thinking about finding Reggie an activity to stretch him mentally, as well as giving him a bit of extra exercise and socialisation.  At around the same time I came across, quite by chance, a post on Facebook advertising a scent work course run by Becky Harris of Canine Symmetry in Northampton.

A scout around the Scentwork UK website was enough to persuade me to sign up to the first course of 6 sessions over a 12 week period.  Soon we were part of a new tribe of Scent Detectives and Reggie made great friends with George (now his very best friend), Layla, Rocco, Boswell and Elsa.

Reggie quickly took to the activities and LOVES the scent work as well as the socialisation.  He can be quite distracted (and distracting!) in between exercises, but once his harness is on, he shows great focus and really is a natural!  

On 1st October we attended our first scent trial and passed our level 1!  Reggie passed three out of the four exercises, one in the fastest time of the day.  He didn't really fail the fourth exercise - I did!  I failed to recognise his find - even after he removed the scented cloth from the box it was hidden in!

So now it is full steam ahead towards trying for our level 2 later this year.

Happy Anniversary to me!

July saw the first anniversary of my business! 

To celebrate the occasion we ran a Facebook based competition asking entrants to share photos of their dog and what they loved most about them.  The prize was a free photo shoot and bespoke piece of wall art.

Reggie our springador was booked to choose the winner.  We placed numbered cards in a circle, each held down with two dog biscuits.  The winner was the number that Reggie went to first and ate the biscuits.  Let's just say we had to be very quick identifying the winner as Reggie attempted to go on a feeding frenzy!!

Congratulations to our winner Wendy who has three beautiful rescue dogs.  The shoot has been booked and photos will no doubt follow in due course.

Walking in the woods

April 2017

Walking in the woods at Hazelborough Forest on the Northants/Bucks border was quite an experience this weekend with the growl of the engines at the nearby Silverstone circuit contrasting with the delicate spring flowers springing up from the forest floor!

Reggie had a great time posing for these photos amongst the beautiful ladies smock, or cuckoo flowers.  

He had an even better time playing with a black lab and a german shepherd puppy, but I'm afraid I was enjoying watching them so much I didn't take any photos!  Sometimes you just have to live in the moment.  

Amongst the flowers I spotted an orange tip butterfly feeding on the blossom.

A lovely morning, and a location we will definitely be back to explore further.

Happy Easter!


wishes you all

a happy holiday

spent with

your loved ones!

Spring is here!

April 2017

It's that time of year when everything start sprouting, fruit trees start blossoming, and the woods are a carpet of beautiful bluebells and other wild flowers.

Bluebells provide a stunning backdrop for photographs of dogs, so why not take advantage of my great Spring 2017 offer and book a mini photo shoot with me?

Availability is limited so don't delay, book today!

Click on the picture on the right, or contact me at Karen Smith Photography for further details.

Sad news

April 2017

We were devastated to have to say goodbye to our lovely Henry on 7th April.

Henry was my best friend for nearly 13 years; a constant loyal, gentle, playful, fun, furry companion.  

He was also the reason I got into dog photography.  I loved photographing him and he loved the attention.  And the treats!!  Mainly the treats!  Photography was a journey we explored together, and he was my inspiration and muse.

Thank you Henry for giving us such joy - we will miss you and always remember you with much love xxx

We have a new addition to our family!

January 2017

We have a wonderful new addition to our family!

Meet Reggie, a springador-able puppy born on 6th December 2016.

He is a bundle of mischief, very bright, and is settling down well with our 12 year old springador Henry.

Reggie's mum is a pedigree liver and white springer spaniel and his dad is a pedigree black lab.

Over the coming weeks, months and years I hope to share Reggie's story with you.  

Indeed he has his own instagram account where he posts about his daily adventures!  

Reggie's instagram

Welcome to my new blog!

July 2016

Welcome to my new blog!  I'm so excited!  

My lovely black lab-springer cross Henry (left) is almost as excited as I am!

I'm looking forward to sharing lots of things here on my blog around what I'm up to, as well as general stuff about pets, photography tips... ok, I confess, it will be mainly about DOGS!

Have a great day!


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