2018 Collingtree Village Fete & Dog Show - Karen Smith Photography

2018 Collingtree Village Fete & Dog Show

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What a great day was had at the village fete on 15th September! 

Well done to all of the event organisers and stall holders, and the pub for hosting, and Walkies the Dog Service and Rhodes Veterinary Surgery for putting on and judging the show, but most of all thank you all for bringing your amazing dogs with you!

We were very excited because our little Lily won 3rd in the "dog the judge would most like to take home" class (though probably not making the awful racket she made whilst watching Andy and Reggie in the show ring without her!!!).

So here are the best images from the show.  I apologise if you were in one of the earlier classes and I didn't manage to capture your lovely pet - at that time I was trying to juggle an unhappy barking / yelping / squealing Lily in one hand, and my camera with a rather large and heavy lens in the other!  It didn't work, so Andy took both Reggie and Lily in the ring for all of their classes, leaving me to snap away in peace!  

Just before you take a peek, I'd like to show you a "before and after" of an image, to explain what I have done in terms of editing, and what more I would do if you want to order a digital file of a photo...

See how the photos are edited...

Screenshot 2018-10-01 18 49 47

The first image on the left is straight out of the camera ("sooc").

The middle image is the one that you will see on the gallery.  It has had an initial edit to crop it to focus more on the dog against the beautiful colour of the skirt, the fur has more detail in it, and the eyes a little brighter.

The third image is the one you would receive if you wanted to purchase it (without the water mark).  The dog is tidied up in terms of any stray "bits" in the eyes and coat, the lead has been removed, as has the red and white striped tape in the background, and the image is more vivid and really showcases the dog. 

Each image edited for purchase will be professionally edited to minimise distractions and to subtly draw the focus to the dog (and owner where appropriate).  Where possible background distractions will be removed, and where it improves the image (and it is possible) the lead will be removed.  Please note that it is the photographer's decision how each image will be edited, and the editing process will vary for each individual image.

If you are interested in purchasing an image without a watermark

The price is:     

     £20 per digital image (full resolution, no watermark, professionally edited)     

     Buy 2 for £30 (save £10)     

     Buy 3 for £40 (save £20)

For each order placed, I will donate £5 to Dogs for Good  via the MK Supporters Group.

How to order your digital image(s)

Note down the image numbers on the gallery (underneath the photo). 

Email me  with your full name and address, the image number(s) you wish to purchase, and I will email an invoice with details of how to pay.

Please allow up to 3 working days after receipt of payment to receive your digital file.

Last order date is 31st October 2018.

Files will be emailed to you via We Transfer and you will have 7 days to download them. 

I recommend you copy your file(s) to a secondary location (separate drive / the cloud) for safe keeping.

Click here to view the photos from the show

Interested in a full dog photography experience?

*** The £50 "SHOW SPECIAL" ***

If you  want to experience my full photography experience package, including:

- Initial consultation (in person or on the phone)

- Personalised photo shoot

- Viewing & ordering session in the studio (c.30 images to view)

- Helping you choose the best way to display your chosen images

- £25 to spend on products* 

I have a limited number of slots during October and November to offer you a very special deal.

Secure your booking for £50 and you can use £25 towards products such as wall art or fine art prints.  This represents a great £25 saving compared with my usual fee of £75 with £25 for you to spend on products.  

Your photo shoot can take place either outdoors, at a local park or woods, making the most of the colourful Autumn leaves, or indoors in my new studio, which opens very soon!

* Fine art prints start from £99, wall art from £125, fine art print collections from £199, wall art collections from £399, and digital collections from £299.

To enquire, please email me.

This was the first Collingtree companion dog show, and hopefully it won't be the last!  

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