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Selecting the right photographer is an important decision because the style and quality of the images is important to you.  They are precious.  They are cherished memories that will endure long after we have had to kiss our best friend goodbye... 

Having invested money in a photographer, and time in a photo shoot, it's necessary to invest energy in deciding how best to display your images.

Sometimes the choices can feel overwhelming, so the "easy" option of purchasing digital images can seem appealing.  But how many of us have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of images languishing on computers, memory sticks, or even old slides or negatives?  How often do we look at them?  Can we even access them?  Will we be able to in the future?

Nothing brings an image to life like print.

The fine art prints and wall art products I sell are archival, meaning that they should last 100 years plus.  

"Printing for archival reasons is a logical thing to do, but the real reason you should start printing is emotional."

I would love to guide you through the choices that await in terms of displaying your images.  It will take a little time, but it WILL be worth it!  Here are some of my favourite products - you will be able to see and feel them at your viewing and ordering session.

"So take a trillion photos. Forget billions of them. But print one, and do it right. Mount it, frame it, display it. Take pride in it. Heck, print two."

Giclee Fine Art Matted Prints

Matted prints are a stylish alternative to a mounted photograph and feature a colour mount overlay and are finished with a complementary card mount back.   They make fabulous gifts and, being "ready to frame", provide you with many display options.

For stunning, superior quality photographic prints, the giclee fine art print is hard to beat.  The giclee printing process retains incredible tonality on professional archival paper that also ensures longevity.   

My products are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm paper, which offers a warm toned, smooth finish not unlike a watercolour appearance.  It really is worlds away from anything that you will purchase anywhere other than a professional award winning print lab!

Sizes from 10"x8" up to 16"x12", including multiple apertures (featuring more than one image).

Fine Art Matted Prints from £99

Fine Art Print Collection from £199

Art Panel

The slimline art panel is an elegant addition to your wall, with industry-leading black edges providing a subtle finished seal.  

Images are printed onto professional grade paper offering maximum  contrast, then laminated, and completed with a satin finish with UV protection.  

Metal plate fixings and rubber bumpers enable effortless hanging with your art panel sitting evenly on your wall.  

Sizes from 10"x8" up to 40"x30".

Prices from £125.

FREE low resolution digital image with every order (same image as wall art).

Art Panel Multi

Combine up to nine grouped art panels in a single wall product to create a stunning piece of art for your that will really stand out from the crowd!  

Various sizes and layouts available.

Prices from £249.

My favourite, and most popular product, features three 12"x10" Art Panels for  £299.

FREE low resolution digital image with every order (same image as wall art).

Fine Art Wrap (Canvas)

The first thing to say is that this is not a standard canvas!  

This is a high end quality product produced by state of the art technology.  

The finish is completed with a beautiful lustre with satin laminate.  Durable yet delicate, the fine art wrap sits flush with the wall.  

Sizes from 10"x8" up to 60"x40".

Prices from £149.

FREE low resolution digital image with every order (same image as wall art).

Framed Prints

There are so many options when ordering a Framed Print that it can seem a little overwhelming, so we will step through the various options together.

   - Frame choice

   - Anti reflecting "glass" (and when notto choose it!)

   - Single photograph or multiple images

   - Layout

   - Mount options

Framed Prints start at £175.

FREE low resolution digital image with every order (same image as wall art).

The Fine Art Float is a variation on the traditional Framed Print. 

A multi-level framed wall print, it adds further depth and dimension to fine art photography.

Printed on texture fine art paper, cotton smooth, choose between a straight edge for a sleek look or add a torn edge for a creative finish. 

Complete with a protective acrylic and choice of substantial frame.

Mouldings include almond, ash, charcoal, chestnut, oak and silver birch.

Sizes from 10" up to 30" long.

Prices from £175.

Digital Images

I will be honest, I would dearly love you to purchase a beautiful piece of wall art of your dog, as I believe that this will give you more joy than a digital file.

However, I do appreciate the appeal of a digital back up, or being able to share an image on social media, or having a screen saver on your laptop or phone, which is why you receive a  low resolution digital file to match the wall art you purchase.  Why low resolution?  Because social media tends to compress high resolution files, sometimes not successfully, and I prefer to optimise the image for you myself.

If you still would prefer to purchase a high resolution digital image, they are sold in collections, starting at £299 for three high resolution digital files, including a print licence for personal use only.

I'm sorry but I cannot guarantee the quality of products that you print yourself or via a third party.

A Price List will be provided in advance of your viewing & ordering appointment.

All orders must be paid for in full in advance. 

Please note that the copyright for all images remain the intellectual property and copyright of Karen Smith Photography.  

Images may be used for commercial purposes by Karen Smith Photography.

Images containing an identifiable human will not be used commercially without a Model Release.

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