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Planning the shoot

A successful photo shoot is at least partly down to good planning, so as soon as you request a booking we'll have a consultation, either in person or on the phone, to get ready for the big day!   

Before that I will ask you to complete an online form, which helps me to personalise the experience for you, and to take into consideration the needs of you and your dog(s).

I'll ask you to tell me about your pet.  Whilst It makes life a little easier if your pet is able to sit and stay on command, the reality is we sometimes need to encourage them to keep their attention, so let me know what works - favourite treats, squeaky toys, a tennis ball, or a frisbee?  

Please don't worry if your pet struggles with commands - we'll work together to get the best out of your experience.  Practicing sit / stays in advance of the shoot is a great idea!

If your dog is nervous, or reactive to people or other dogs, or can't be let off lead for whatever reason we can still achieve great images, it just requires a little more planning around where we do the shoot, and a bit more editing afterwards to remove the lead from the final image, none of which is a problem. 

Think about what you want to get out of the experience (both the images you'l like to achieve and how you would like to display them) - discussing this in advance is important to maximise the time we have on the day.  Mainly clients are happy to leave planning the shots on the photo shoot to me, but if you have a specific image you'd love to have displayed on your wall, let's talk about it!

We'll agree a date, time and location for the shoot.  You will probably know whether you'd prefer a studio or location shoot.  If you favour the great outdoors we'll share ideas about location - the most important thing is that your pet feels comfortable, is safe, and everyone has a lot of fun!  I know a number of locations within c.25 miles of Northampton really well and which are perfect!  If you would prefer a studio shoot I will be pleased to welcome you to my purpose built photography studio in Northampton (NN4).

In terms of time, we will avoid the harsh mid-day sun and ideally aim for early morning / late afternoon for the best light if we are outdoors.

The photo shoot

When the day of the photo shoot arrives, we'll meet at the agreed location and I'll take some time to get to know your pet.  It's important they feel comfortable with me and my equipment.  

Don't forget to bring their favourite treats, ball, or toy.  And I'll bring some too!

The photo shoot will take around 60-90 minutes, and in this time I will take lots of photos,  because we are looking for those special shots, you know the ones I mean, that special glint in their eye, an adoring look, that thing they do that really shows how much they love life! On location we'll get some portraits and some action shots, plus some of you with your pet, if you'd like that.  In the studio we will focus on portraits using different sets and backdrops, alongside some shots of you with your pet, again if this is something you are interested in.

My aim will be to provide a fun, relaxed experience for you and your pet, as I think that this positive energy will really shine through in the photographs.  

Viewing & ordering

After the shoot I know you will be eagerly awaiting to view your photos!

It will take around two weeks to edit the images from your shoot and curate them into a short slideshow that will be shared at the viewing and ordering session at the studio in Northampton (NN4).

On the day we'll watch the slideshow and then we'll step through each of the individual images so that you can pick out your favourites.  For a full 60-90 minute studio or location shoot you can expect to see around 20-25 images (possibly more if there is more than one dog, or you'd like the family in some shots too).  If you have a mini session you may see fewer images in your slideshow - check your offer for more details.

We'll also take a look at the product samples, including fine art matted prints, various wall art options and memory books.  I think choosing how you display your products is as important as choosing the images themselves.  I know it can seem overwhelming when there are many choices, but I have done my best to curate a special collection of options, and want to help you pick something that is right for you, your home and budget.  

Whatever you choose, your products will be finished by an award-winning, industry-leading professional printing lab who only supply professional photographers.  

Click here for more information about the products available, and an indication of prices.  Most clients spend around £350-£1,000; some spend more, some spend less. 

A full product and price guide will be supplied in advance of the viewing and ordering session so that you can start planning how to display your images.

Payment plans are available for purchases over £500 (please note that the order for your product will be placed after full payment has been received).

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