Outdoor location shoots



Deciding the right location for your dog is the most important decision when planning the photo shoot.


Safety is the prime consideration -

the safety of your dog,

as well as other animals and people.

It's something we discuss in detail.


You might have a favourite walk in mind, or I can recommend a location based on the needs of you and your dog.


Why choose a

location shoot?

A location shoot is, in it's simplest terms, a walk around an agreed location, pausing at various points to take a photograph.  

This may be done one or off lead, depending on your dog and the location.  Leads can usually be edited out of the final image very successfully.


We use the beauty of the natural environment to create stunning backdrops for the images.

No flash photography is used outdoors - we'll be using beautiful natural light.

A location shoot

works best for...

  • Dogs that are more comfortable in open surroundings

  • Portraits in nature

  • More relaxed candid shots of your dog enjoying their surroundings

  • Photographing you and your pet together

  • Pets that are relatively "high energy"

  • Colourful, atmospheric images

  • Pets and owners that love the outdoors


What happens

on the day

Location shoots usually involve a lot of sniffing to begin with - me, my equipment and what might be a new place to your pet.  All these things need checking out!


Any location will have lots of potential distractions, but we will have discussed how to manage these beforehand,

as well as the best way to motivate and reward your pet during the session.

I'll have an outline plan of where to stop for the best photo opportunities

and we'll work together, with your pet,

to get the images we want.

Having a solid "sit" or "stay" is helpful,

but not always realistic.

Some photos may be taken on lead,

with the lead edited out afterwards.


If you are worried that your dog won't "perform" on the day, please don't,

you'd be surprised what can be achieved with a calm approach, lots of patience and a bit of experience!

The session usually lasts around 60-90 minutes.