Planning your experience

Choosing the right person for the job is really important...

... and I have to confess that the right person might not be me!

Hang on a minute, aren't I supposed to be selling myself to you as the (wo)man for the job? 

Well, yes, but in order for you to get the pictures of your dreams we need to be a good fit,

which is why it's important for you to do a bit of research first!

This is why you should choose Karen Smith Photography...

Reggie & Lily Scotland for print.jpg
Specialist pet photographer

Photographing pets isn't just about the technical skill of taking a photo (though this is obviously important).  Getting a great picture requires an understanding of behaviour to get the best out of your pet.  Some of this comes from investing in education, some from experience of owning and being around animals, and some from talking to you about your animals.

PRINT FILE Eko & Kaya-3.jpg
Animals at their "authentic best"

My style is about honesty and capturing your pet at THEIR best, how you want to remember them.  They might be posing up a storm,all floofed up to the nines, or covered in mud and twigs from a romp through the forest (these are extremes, but you get the gist!).  

It's not just a shoot, or a session, but an experience

From start to finish I aim to create an experience tailored to the needs of you and your pet.  It's why I put emphasis on planning your experience, listening to any special needs, whether they are practical or behavioural.  It also helps to focus on the end goal, whatever that might be for you.

Artistic style

Take a look at my GALLERY to check it's what you're looking for - it's full of warm contrasting colour, showcasing animals against the beauty of nature and the seasons, from the fresh green shoots of spring, through the colourful riot of summer wild flowers, the golden glow of autumn, and the earthy tones of winter.  I love to create beautiful portraits, as well as more candid fun shots at play.  

It's not just about the pretty pictures

For me how you display your pictures is as important as the pictures themselves.  It's why I spend a lot of time sourcing fabulous products, including stunning fine art prints, elegant contemporary wall art, and memory books.  I specialise in large wall art and designing albums.  I love beautiful textures, rich colours and matte surfaces that minimise reflections.

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No hard sell

Yes I'm going to repeat it. 

No hard sell. 


Frankly it's a pet hate and not how I want to do business.

It's important that you order what you want, and within your means.

Assuming all this sounds ok, what next?

Once you have expressed an interest in booking me you'll be guided through the entire experience.

Here's a taster of what happens before the photo shoot...



Fill out the contact form and I'll email you information about booking a

Pet or Equine Photography Experience, including current offers & prices >>>

Client Info Form


You'll complete an online form to tell me a bit more about yourself, your pets, and how you'd like

to display your pictures.

The form also includes

my T&Cs  >>>

Informal Chat

We'll discuss the photo shoot, including location suggestions and any practical or behavioural challenges. 

We'll also talk about how you'd like to display your pictures.

You can even pop into the studio to see some sample products if it's helpful  >>>


Once you're happy and have made payment, your booking is confirmed via email.

Read about how the photo shoot works